lisa-monde.com_pirate_storyPremiered in: 2011. Theatre Center “Southern”/ with Lisa Monde playing Sam Omega, pirate girl and Mary Ann the ghost

State: Still running.

Creators: Music by Lisa Monde/ Book and lyrics by Lisa Monde/ Director Larisa Krupina

Produce issued: CD – Original Cast Recording/ Playbill/ Souvenir Brochure/ Souvenirs

Brief Summary:

A pirate ship ‘The Red Orchid’ is sailing somewhere in the vast expanses of the South Seas. Its captain, one-eyed Claude Sid, is famous for his cruelty. Under his leadership the valiant filibusters are seeking fame, adventures and gold. His cherished desire is to find Miraclion, a lost island, where immense treasures are hidden. However, pirates have not had any good luck in a long time. The Captain seems to be clueless of what course to steer. The crew starts to growl and grumble. Being obsessed with a desire to become the leader of pirates, Alf, the first mate, instigates Gnat, the boatswain, and Albus, the navigator, to organize a mutiny against the captain. Captain’s girl-friend Sam, the singer, is on their side as well. The cunning traitors organize a coup. The Captain is on the verge of death. However, a sudden appearance of the ghost of Mary-Ann, a governor’s daughter, once killed by Captain Sid, spoils the plans of the rioters. She comes to pardon the Captain and save his life.


      Pirates of the Caribbean
      You promised me

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