Premiered in: November 2015. Living History Productions, NY/ with Lisa Monde playing Gale Storm

State: Closed in January 2016.

Creators: S. Saint George/ with musical soundtrack consisting of famous Frank Sinatra songs

Featuring: Sara Costantino, Lisa Monde, Kim Dufrenoy, Nick Ziobro

Produce issued: Playbill

Brief Summary:

The year is 1957. Gale Storm, along with her side-kick, Rosie, is hosting her own musical TV special “Oh, Susanna!”. Gale welcomes special guest star, Ava Gardner former “Mrs.” Sinatra. What was it like to be married to one of the greatest legends of all time? How did a country girl from North Carolina end up marrying three Hollywood Icons? We will hear the story behind the tumultuous life of Ava Gardner with her ex-husbands, Mickey Rooney, Artie Shaw, “The Old Blue Eyes” himself and much more! How did the paths of several movie and TV icons cross?

Photos from the Show: