SONGS ABOUT FAIRYTALES, musical for children

lisa-monde.com_POS_WMPremiered in: 2007. Screen Actor’s Theatre/ with Lisa Monde playing all female Fairy Tale characters

State: Still running. The musical has been included into the list of the most recommended shows for the young audiences to visit.

Creators: Music by Lisa Monde/ Book by Lisa Monde, Marina Skalkina/ Director Vadim Zlotnikov/ Choreographer Irina Shilkina


  • Diploma from the Department of Education of Moscow City in the nomination “Best Musical for Children”, awarded in 2007.
  • International award “Musical Heart of Theatre” in the nomination “Creation of the best musical for children”, awarded in 2009.
  • Diploma from the Department of Culture of Moscow City on the “5th year anniversary” of the project, awarded in 2012.
  • Produce issued: CD – Original Cast Recording/ CD – radio version of the Musical/ Playbill/ Souvenir Brochure/ DVD of the musical (2007)/ Souvenirs

    Brief Summary:

    Little Boy spends his days playing computer games and refuses to do homework and read books – Fairytales. Suddenly, he falls asleep and wakes up in the Fairytale Land, where all the fairy tale characters live. The Keeper of the Fairytale Land invites the boy on a journey, during which he has to travel from one fairy tale to another. Various beloved characters show up to meet the Boy: Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, Little Mermaid, Puss in Boots, Cinderella, Princess, Malvina and Pierrot, Snow White and 7 dwarves and many others. The challenge is to guess what characters appear in front of the Boy and which fairy tale they come from. In case the Boy fails to give the correct answer, he will have to stay in the Fairytale Land forever.


          Little Mermaid
          Dance of the Swineherd and the Princess

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