lisa-monde.com_poster_i_cry_WMPremiered in: 2013. Davenport Theatre, NYC / with Lisa Monde playing Fortune and Isabel

State: Still running.

Creators: Music by Lisa Monde/ Book by Lisa Monde/ Libretto by Francois Villon/ Director Lisa Monde

Featuring: Alex Parrish, Lisa Monde, Joshua Nicholson, Dylan White, James Zap, Samantha Coppola, Stephanie Wittenberg, Lorelei Mackenzie, Brigitta Rollings.

Produce issued: CD with Francois Villon’s Ballades/ Playbill

Brief Summary:

Story of life and adventures of the most controversial French medieval poet Francois Villon. Fortune, being the allegorical storyteller and the main Lady in Villon’s life follows him through years, until the very end. The story embraces Villon’s student years, his acquaintance with the “wrong people”, wanderings, suffering, constant search for his place in this world and his own true self. During this search the poet leaves five women who loved him most, each and every one of them in her own way. The musical develops with the help of original Ballades that reflect the events and revelations of the poet throughout his life.


      I Cry You Mercy Everyone
       This Is The End For Which We Twain Are Met
      And All That's Left Is Merely Wind
      Eternal Rest Be His For Aye
      Well Entertained, Rebuffed of Everyone

Photos from the Show: