lisa-monde.com_poster_Villon_WM Premiered in: 2010. Art Voyage XXI Theatre Company/ with Lisa Monde playing Isabel, the poet’s beloved.

State: Still running, and travelling in European tours.

Creators: Music by Lisa Monde/ Libretto by Francois Villon, Lisa Monde/ Book by Alessandra Linnik/ Director Igor Kornienko

Produce issued: CD of the Original Cast Recording/ Playbill/ Souvenir Brochure

Brief Summary:

Three days in life of the most French and “heretic” poet of Paris streets Francois Villon. Being brought up by a priest, Guillaume de Villon, the young roughneck decides to take a wrong path which leads him to many troubles, imprisonments and torments. Having been banished from the city for his “misbehavior”, after 10 years of wandering, Villon returns to his beloved Paris, only to be met by the dangerous ghosts from his past. He finds himself alone, betrayed by his best friend Loran, who sold him and his biting poetry to the rival – Pierre Basanier, so eager to imprison and finally exterminate the “talented womanizer”. Isabel, Villon’s faithful beloved woman, willing to save his life, comes up with a plan to marry the irritating Basanier, who has been harassing her for years. Having escaped from prison Francois Villon saves the day and his beloved Isabel.


      L’amour peut faire tout

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