Dracula. Finding of a Shadow

Dracula finding of a shadow

Premiered on: October 25- October 31 2018 at the Wow Cafe Theatre, NYC/ with Lisa Monde playing Mina Murray
State: Closed on Halloween, to return in 2019

Creators: Written and directed by Lisa Monde/ Presented by Monli International Theatre Company LLC in association with Dark Prophet Productions

Aaron C Rutherford, Seth Leighton Hale, Carl Fisk, Lisa Monde, Paul Jackson, Yannik Encarnacao, Madeline Watkins, Samantha Jenny Connolly, Sarah Spring, Armand Marino

Produce issued: poster, playbill / web site: www.draculashadow.com

Brief Summary:

When Dracula became a vampire, he lost his shadow, which became the living Alucard. Now, Dracula’s greatest desire is for a new shadow, but Alucard will do everything in his power to stop his master, even if it means true death..

This musical drama is a new take on the life events of count Vlad Tepes who became the prototype for the famous novel by Bram Stoker “Dracula”.

Count Dracula, leading a secluded lifestyle and suffering from the loss of his beloved, is aggrieved by the circumstances, once he turned into a vampire he lost his shadow.

The shadow that separated from him: Alucard, also living in the castle, is not pleased with Count’s idea to start a search for a new shadow. Alucard comes up with various obstacles to prevent Dracula from gaining a new shadow. His machinations lead to Dracula’s death, which however doesn’t grant Alucard the long-awaited freedom.

Written and directed by Lisa Monde
General management by Riley Thomas
Stage management by Emily Venezia
Set design by Gennaro Russo
Lighting design by David Goldstein
Video design by Alexey Loginov
Music design by Lisa Monde
Costume design by Gothic Renaissance
Make up design by Chloe Fox
Graphic design by Christina Roman

Photos from the Show: