True Confessions of the Straight Man

True Confessions of the Straight Man

Premiered on: May 16th at the Players Theatre, NYC/ with Lisa Monde playing the roles of Susan, Nosy Jewish Neighbor, Rebecca, Jessica the redhead, La Vie en Rose singer, and various

State: Closed on June 10th 2019

Creators: Written by Richard M. Weiss and A.K. Hinman/ Directed by Antonia Kasper and the Kasper Productions

Featuring: Kelly Litt, Amanda Paul, Henrick Sawczak, Frankie Gallucci, Charles Platt, Lisa Monde and Scott M. Lilly.

Produce issued: Posters, Playbill, Postcards, complimentary LGBTQ merchandise

Brief Summary: Everyone thinks Todd Robinson is gay, including the girl he likes, Kate Conner. Afraid he might jeopardize their friendship, Todd’s facade snowballs into an over-the-top mix-up of sexual preference and identities, when he gets his homophobic roommate and a Drag Queen involved.What happens when a straight guy pretends to be gay to get the girl? Though there are still obstacles to overcome, this nostalgic farce reflects upon how far we’ve all grown since the 1990s. Come join us as we laugh at our past, display our pride and continue to celebrate that love is love is love!

Photos from the Show: