The Bacchae

lisa-monde.com_the_bacchaePremiered in: July 14th 2016 at Summit Rock in Central Park, NYC/ with Lisa Monde playing The Ghost

State: Running until August 7th 2016

Creators: Directed by Christopher Carter Sanderson. Adapted from Euripides by Matthew Gasda

Featuring: Nicholas Cocks, Khari Constantine, Gregory Adair, Laurie Folkes, Jonathan Wexler, Matthew McCabe, Spencer Ventresca, Lisa Monde, Alyssa Scruton, Gina Costigain, Farrah Cine, Kelci Schlierf, Jacqui Rego, Melanie A. Peterson, Madeline Louise Lovegrov

Brief Summary:

The Bacchae is concerned with two opposite sides of man’s natures: there is the rational and civilized side, which is represented by the character of Pentheus, the proud king of Thebes, and then there is the instinctive side, which is represented by Dionysus. This side is sensual without analysis, it feels a connection between man and beast, and it is a potential source of divinity and spiritual power. The gods represent various human qualities.

The Bacchae seems to be saying that it is perilous to deny or ignore the human desire for Dionysian experience; those who are open to the experience will find spiritual power, and those who suppress or repress the desire in themselves or others will transform it into a destructive force.

The God’s revenge is complete – the King is being torn limb from limb by Dionysus’ followers -his “wild roses”, represented by the Raving Ones and the Ghosts – the living and the dead, who lament, rejoice… and invite the audience to “feel” and experience this story with them.

King’s mother – Agave is cursed with madness, and Thebes is no more…stripped bare, abolished…