lisa-monde.com_santa_elf_coverPremiered in: December 2014. Metropolitan Room, NYC/ with Lisa Monde playing a Fairy, the Winter Princess aka Snegourotchka as well as Elf in Chief, Postal Elf, Chinese Kid1, Canadian Kid (puppets)

State: Annually running on Christmas Eve

Creators: Book by Samantha Grassian-Pichler and Laisne Martine/ Directed by Samantha Grassian-Pichler

Featuring: Samantha Grassian-Pichler, Lisa Monde, Nathalie Bryant, Sara Jecko

Brief Summary:

Santa’s elf Rouscaille and a magic Donkey set out on an adventure around the world on a search for missing elves. It’s Christmas Eve. If they don’t find the elves, Christmas will be cancelled. This interactive and bilingual (English and French) puppet show teaches kids about Christmas traditions all over the world with the help of the most favorite French holiday songs.

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