Rubicon Crossed

Rubicon Crossed

Premiered on: September 21 at the Manhattan Repertory Theater as part of the Fall One Act Competition 2018, NY

State: Closed on September 29, 2018

Creators: Written by Christopher Arena, directed by Lisa Monde

Featuring: Nicolas DiPierro, Ivette Dumeng

Produce issued: playbill, poster

Brief Summary:

The day of Jillian’s funeral. Mandy – her husband, with whom she had a long life, stops by Beverly’s place. Beverly is Jillian’s lover in her past life, before Mandy came along. How do they relate to one another? Who stole Jillian from whom? Or was it just life? Many years later Mandy and Beverly are able to find support and understanding in each other… Because in the end what really matters – Jillian is gone, but their memories live on.

Photos from the Show: