Of Mice and Men


Premiered on: April 7th 2017 at the Gene Frankel Theatre, NYC/ with Lisa Monde playing Curley’s Wife

State: Closed on April 29th 2017

Creators: Play by John Steinbeck/ Directed by Thomas Gordon (Onomatopoeia Theatre Company) and Lisa Monde

Thomas R. Gordon as George
Alexander Kafarakis as Lennie
Jim DiMunno as Candy
Joe Sexton as Boss
Xavier Reminick as Curley
Lisa Monde as Curley’s Wife
Jamie Geiger as Slim
Samuel Shurtleff as Carlson
Thaddaeus J. Abbott as Whit
Dwaynne Walker-Dixon as Crooks
Shanti as Candy’s Dog

Produce issued: Playbill, postcards, posters

Brief Summary:

“A timeless story of companionship and love in desperate times”

In the bleak & gritty California of the Great Depression migrant workers wander up and down the fertile valley in search of work. They are homeless, dispossessed, discriminated against and desperate to survive.

Among these throngs of men we meet George Milton & Lennie Small, an unlikely pair with a dream of a better life. George is a guardian & big brother to Lennie and Lennie is a constant & loyal companion to George. They arrive a few miles south of Soledad where they find work, and for the first time, a real chance at a better future.

Of Mice and Men is a classic parable about two men finding hope in each other in an otherwise bleak reality…

A lonely world where lives intersect but seldom connect.

Photos from the Show: