THE PIRATE STORY / musical adventure for children and teenagers

Level of readiness: Available: book, libretto, music (18 sound tracks), costumes, set, various props, lighting design and sound script, design of the promotional and polygraphic products

Estimated Cast: 18 performers/actors, including dancers (8 extras)

Type of stage: Open Air theatres, «live» set, stage size no less than…

Brief Summary: A pirate ship ‘The Red Orchid’ is lost somewhere in the vast expanses of the South Seas. Its captain, one-eyed Claude Sid, is famous for his cruelty. His cherished desire is to find Miraclion, a lost island, where immense treasures are hidden. However, the Captain seems to be clueless of what course to steer. The crew starts to growl and grumble. Being obsessed with a desire to become the leader of pirates, Alf, the first mate, instigates Gnat, the boatswain, and Albus, the navigator, to organize a mutiny against the captain. Captain’s girl-friend Sam is on their side. The cunning traitors organize a coup. The Captain is on the verge of death. However, a sudden appearance of the ghost of Mary-Ann, a governor’s daughter, once killed by Captain Sid, spoils the plans of the rioters. She comes to pardon the Captain and save his life.


      1. I Was a Young and Guiltless Girl
      2. Give us help, Poseidon!