Title of the Project Level of readiness Brief Summary Estimated Cast Type of stage
Little Odd Voyage of an Extraterrestrial/ musical show Available: book, libretto, music (14 sound tracks), design of the promotional and polygraphic products The Extraterrestrial arrives to the Earth with a secret mission: he needs to investigate what is Love. He sees its different manifestations and comes to a conclusion that Earth should be destroyed. A musical theatre actress, Janel, together with her friends, does her best to make the ET change his mind and save the Earth.
12 performers/actors, including extras Off-Broadway/ Chamber Hall
The Pirate Story/ musical adventure for children and teenagers Available: book, libretto, music (18 sound tracks), costumes, set, various props, lighting design and sound script, design of the promotional and polygraphic products A pirate ship ‘The Red Orchid’ is lost somewhere in the vast expanses of the South Seas. Its captain, one-eyed Claude Sid, is famous for his cruelty. His cherished desire is to find Miraclion, a lost island, where immense treasures are hidden. However, the Captain seems to be clueless of what course to steer. The crew starts to growl and grumble. Being obsessed with a desire to become the leader of pirates, Alf, the first mate, instigates Gnat, the boatswain, and Albus, the navigator, to organize a mutiny against the captain. Captain’s girl-friend Sam is on their side. The cunning traitors organize a coup. The Captain is on the verge of death. However, a sudden appearance of the ghost of Mary-Ann, a governor’s daughter, once killed by Captain Sid, spoils the plans of the rioters. She comes to pardon the Captain and save his life. 18 performers/actors, including dancers (8 extras) Open Air theatres, «live» set, stage size no less than…
Alice/Dance musical Available: music score, libretto, demo recording of the whole musical material Based on the book by Lewis Carroll «Alice in Wonderland» Not more than 14 performers Chamber Hall
Heart Trouble /cross over pop-rock musical Available: book, libretto, music score, recorded music (45 sound tracks), project of costumes and set designs A very unusual city Organon, where a very ordinary love story takes place. It happens to the quite unusual characters – internal organs. The city’s Mayor – Heart dies a tragic death. Rational beats irrational, particularly love itself. 28 performers/ actors Large Stage
Triboulet/ musical Available: book, libretto (unfinished), music score (unfinished) Based on the play by Victor Hugo «The King’s Fool»(Le Roi S’amuse) Presumably 16 performers/actors, plus extras Large Stage
Innamorato Scaltro – Cunning Lover/ musical comedy in the style of Comedia del’ Arte Available: libretto (in Italian), music score– In the making. A cunning lovelace is desperately trying to steal a kiss from his beloved Lady. But in vain…To spice up their romantic relations, he decides to stage a duel in honor of the Lady, who would never let him «die of a wound» and will grant him a «fairytale», life saving kiss… 8 performers/actors, plus extras Open Air Theatres, «live» set, Chamber Hall
Pushkin: Logic of the Paradox/ drama-musical Available: book.
Music and libretto – in the making.
The last year in the life of a famous russian poet Alexander Pushkin – the author of «Eugene Onegin». The succession of mysterious events becomes fatal and leads the poet to his death – he is wounded at the duel by the Black River. 24 performers/actors Large Stage
Dali’s Dream/ surreal musical show Available: book, music and libretto – in the making, project of costumes and set designs. The encounters of the great painter surrealist with the famous men of science and culture (such as Sigmund Freud, Coco Chanel, Aram Hachaturyan and others). Reflections on the lot of the mankind. 8 performers/actors, plus extras Chamber Hall