True Confessions of a Straight Man at the famous Players Theater

This spring Lisa Monde is joining the cast of a new Off-Broadway 90’s farce – True Confessions of a Straight Man at the famous Players Theater! Lisa will be playing several characters – 6 different roles, to be exact! Starting with a flirty girl at a bar – Susan, where the main character – Todd, finds himself in the beginning of the show; nosy Jewish neighbor; Rebecca – Kate’s impressionable secretary; Redhead Jessica – a jealous lesbian at one of the bars the main characters visit; sexy Singer of La Vie en Rose at the “Pink Bar aka Tony’s Pony”; and many more.

Everyone thinks Todd Robinson is gay, including the girl he likes, Kate Conner. Afraid he might jeopardize their friendship, Todd’s facade snowballs into an over-the-top mix-up of sexual preference and identities, when he gets his homophobic roommate and a Drag Queen involved.
What happens when a straight guy pretends to be gay to get the girl? Though there are still obstacles to overcome, this nostalgic farce reflects upon how far we’ve all grown since the 1990s. Come join us as we laugh at our past, display our pride and continue to celebrate that love is love is love!

Featuring: Kelly Litt, Amanda Paul, Henrick Sawczak, Frankie Gallucci, Charles Platt, Lisa Monde and Scott M. Lilly.

Written by: Richard M. Weiss and A.K. Hinman

Directed by: Antonia Kasper

Thursdays/ Fridays/ Saturdays @ 7pm May 16th, 17th, 18th May 30,31 June 1st June 6th, 7th, 8th At The Players Theatre 115 MacDougal Street 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10012

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True Confessions of a Straight Man