The Most Dangerous Man

Lisa Monde is shooting her first feature film – The Most Dangerous Man UVX! Future Proof Productions has offered Lisa a part of Agent Kompromat – Russian special agent and spy.

The year:CLASSIFIED. Sgt. Max Gunn. retired leader of a black-ops commando unit, is reinstated to lead a team of elite specialists deep behind the Iron Curtain in order to track down his mentor and traitor to America, John Lyman. Gunn and his team: special agent Kompromat, Gunn’s War Buddy – Country Road and PVT Jenkins find more than they bargained for – an insidious web of secrets and lies leading to a threat not just to the USA, but the entire world.

This comedic action film is to hit the movie theaters in early 2019!

Impossible odds, apocalyptic stakes… and here are a couple of stills from the shoot of The Most Dangerous Man UVX: