The Most Dangerous Man UVX is about to go into previews next month!

Last year Lisa was shooting her first Feature film – The Most Dangerous Man UVX, where she played Agent Kompromat, an inside liaison to Max Gunn.

And it’s finally here! The Most Dangerous Man is to premiere on April 10, 17 and 24 at the Cinépolis Chelsea 260 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011.

Max Gunn, a killing machine with an unquenchable thirst for freedom, is the only surviving member of Unit Omega. But when his old unit commander reappears with treacherous connections to the Russians, Max has to strap on his knife and join the fight once again. From visionary director Ronnie Champaign comes a summer action blockbuster that the West Springfield Gazette and Herald Tribune called “wow”.

This limited-run NYC engagement is presented in glorious UVX format, allowing the spectators to experience the absolute best possible version of the film. It’s the once-in-a-lifetime event you’ll want to experience over and over again!

Follow this link below to acquire tickets:

Follow this link to watch the trailer:

The full version of the Most Dangerous Man UVX movie with Lisa Monde playing Agent Kompromat, will premiere in October 2019! Do not miss it!