Master Class in Suicide Notes Writing

Once again, Lisa is excited to join the Radioactive Festival, celebrating female playwright. The Festival has been running in various Off-Broadway Theaters of NYC for the past 4 years. Lisa is happy to be considered part of the “TRG family”.
This summer we present a short fragment from Lisa’s new play in the works – “Master Class in Suicide Notes Writing”.

Come see this unforgettable dark comedy with an amazing and talented cast, original music, original jokes and most definitely an original approach to the subject!

June 1 @ 7pm / June 3 @ 8pm

The Robert Moss Theatre
440 Lafayette Street,
New York, NY

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Written and directed by Lisa Monde
Musical composition “Disappearance” by Lisa Monde

Featuring: Samuel Shurtleff, Steve Carlsen, William Otterson, Nicolas DiPierro, Thaddeus J. Abbott, Nicola McEldowney, Alexander Larkin

Brief Summary:
Philology professor – Scott Mirrormord – conducts a master-class in writing suicide notes for potential suicides. In this shorter version of the play the spectators find themselves at the first meeting, where the main goal is to discuss how the participants are planning to depart from this life and for whose sake they are committing the action.

Six anonymous participants – five men and a woman –join the master class. One of them completes his draft of the suicide note and commits the act of suicide, as soon as he leaves the room, where the master class is taking place.

How will the story develop and what awaits each of the remaining participants in the future, will they follow through with their decision to end their life?