Dracula. Finding of a Shadow

“Dracula.Finding of a Shadow” premieres this Halloween week at the Wow Cafe Theater in East Village! This new musical play by Lisa Monde is a new take on the life events of count Vlad Tepes who became the prototype for the famous novel by Bram Stoker “Dracula”.

When Dracula became a vampire, he lost his shadow, which became the living Alucard. Now, Dracula’s greatest desire is for a new shadow, but Alucard will do everything in his power to stop his master, even if it means true death…

Come get yourself into Halloween mood and spend an evening with some sexy vampires and vampiresses!

October 25-36 at 8pm/ October 27 at 6pm & 9pm/ October 28-31 at 8pm
Wow Cafe Theatre
59-61 E 4th Str #4

Reserve tickets at EVENTBRITE.com