Premiered in: 2008. Stas Namin Theatre of Music and Drama/ with Lisa Monde playing Princess

State: Closed in 2009.

Creators: Music by Gennady Gladkov/ Book by Vasily Livanov, Yuri Entin/ Director Stas Namin

Produce issued: Playbill

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SONGS ABOUT FAIRYTALES, musical for children


Premiered in: 2007. Screen Actor’s Theatre/ with Lisa Monde playing all female Fairy Tale characters

State: Still running. The musical has been included into the list of the most recommended shows for the young audiences to visit.

Creators: Music by Lisa Monde/ Book by Lisa Monde, Marina Skalkina/ Director Vadim Zlotnikov/ Choreographer Irina Shilkina


  • Diploma from the Department of Education of Moscow City in the nomination “Best Musical for Children”, awarded in 2007.
  • International award “Musical Heart of Theatre” in the nomination “Creation of the best musical for children”, awarded in 2009.
  • Diploma from the Department of Culture of Moscow City on the “5th year anniversary” of the project, awarded in 2012.
  • Produce issued: CD – Original Cast Recording/ CD – radio version of the Musical/ Playbill/ Souvenir Brochure/ DVD of the musical (2007)/ Souvenirs

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