Master Class in Suicide Notes Writing


Premiered on: June 1 2017 at the Robert Moss Theater, NYC as part of the 4th Annual Radioactive Festival of Female Playwrights

State: Closed on June 3rd 2017

Creators: Written and directed by Lisa Monde

Featuring: Samuel Shurtleff, Steve Carlsen, William Otterson, Nicolas DiPierro, Thaddeus J. Abbott, Nicola McEldowney, Alexander Larkin

Produce issued: Playbill, flyers

Brief Summary:
Philology professor – Scott Mirrormord – conducts a master-class in writing suicide notes for potential suicides. In this shorter version of the play the spectators find themselves at the first meeting, where the main goal is to discuss how the participants are planning to depart from this life and for whose sake they are committing the action.

Six anonymous participants – five men and a woman –join the master class. One of them completes his draft of the suicide note and commits the act of suicide, as soon as he leaves the room, where the master class is taking place.

How will the story develop and what awaits each of the remaining participants in the future, will they follow through with their decision to end their life?

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Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men Poster

Premiered on: April 7th 2017 at the Gene Frankel Theatre, NYC/ with Lisa Monde playing Curley’s Wife

State: Closed on April 29th 2017

Produce issued: Playbill, postcards, posters

Featuring: Thomas R. Gordon, Alexander Kafarakis, Jim DiMunno, Joe Sexton, Xavier Reminick, Lisa Monde, Jamie Geiger, Samuel Shurtleff, Thaddaeus J. Abbott, Dwaynne Walker-Dixon, Shanti

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The Bride Wore Black


Premiered: October 21st 2016 at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration/ with Lisa Monde playing Penelope Propper

State: As part of the annual Haunted Tales and Trails at OBVR

Creators: Written and directed by Sal St.George

Featuring: Lisa Monde, Darren St. George

Brief Summary: Penelope Propper – was a young and beautiful seductress, who amassed a good fortune by marrying older gentlemen and then murdering them in the most sinister manner for their money … The story takes place in the very house, where Penelope killed her latest husband, a wealthy potato farmer, Mister Carter T. Aimsley with rat poison…

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Premiered: on August 11th 2016 at Washington Square Park, Southwest Corner, NYC/ with Lisa Monde playing Hippolyta and the First Fairy

State: Closed on September 4th 2016

Creators: Directed by Greg Petroff, Annual production by Gorilla Repertory Theater Company

Featuring: Gregory Adair, Joel DeCandio, Tim Cusack, Roberts Gonzales, Jr., David Gow, Nico Kiefer, Madeline Lovegrove, Lauren Kristina Maykut, Lisa Monde, Alex Orthwein, Greg Petroff, Makaela Shealy, Suzanne Tufan.

Produce issues: Parkbill, posters, flyers

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The Bacchae


Premiered in: July 14th 2016 at Summit Rock in Central Park, NYC/ with Lisa Monde playing The Ghost

State: Running until August 7th 2016

Creators: Directed by Christopher Carter Sanderson. Adapted from Euripides by Matthew Gasda

Featuring: Nicholas Cocks, Khari Constantine, Gregory Adair, Laurie Folkes, Jonathan Wexler, Matthew McCabe, Spencer Ventresca, Lisa Monde, Alyssa Scruton, Gina Costigain, Farrah Cine, Kelci Schlierf, Jacqui Rego, Melanie A. Peterson, Madeline Louise Lovegrov

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Dali’s Dream

Dali's dream

Premiered on: May 26 2016 as part of The 3rd Annual Radioactive Festival. At the 4th Street Theatre, NYC/ with Lisa Monde playing Coco Chanel.

State: Full production of the play will open at the Gene Frankel Theater in 2017

Creators: Written and directed by Lisa Monde

Original Soundtrack by Lisa Monde

Featuring: Steve Carlsen, William Otterson, Pablo B. Sandstrom, Lisa Monde, Karl C. Leone, Chia Yi Chan, Harrison Scott.

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Arsene Lupin VS Sherlock Holmes


Premiered in: 2016. The Gene Frankel Theatre, NYC / with Lisa Monde playing Alexandra AJ Raffles Holmes

State: Still running.

Featuring: Lisa Monde, Philip O’Gorman, Kevin Sebastian, Tracilyn Jones, Alexander Larkin, David Alexander, Tom Lombardo, Taylor Khaldy, Claudia Zanolli-Stiles, Lydia Georgantzi

Produce issued: Playbill

Tickets may be reserved at: www.brownpapertickets.com

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The Ghost Writers poster

Premiered on: October 29 -November 1 2015. The Vail Leavitt Music Hall in the town of Riverhead, NY/ with Lisa Monde playing Mary Shelley

State: As Part of the Second Annual Edgar Allan Poe Festival

Creators: S. Saint George, Robert Jackson

Featuring: Darren St. George, Lisa Monde, David Burt, Cassandra St. George

Produce issued: Playbill/ T-shirts/ Souvenirs

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Premiered in: 2015. The Gene Frankel Theatre, NYC

State: As part of the Second Annual Radioactive Festival celebrating female playwrights

Creators: Written and directed by Lisa Monde

Featuring: Joshua Nicholson, Katherine Bar, Steve Carlsen, Carlo Bosticco.

Produce issued: Playbill

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Premiered in: December 2014. Metropolitan Room, NYC/ with Lisa Monde playing a Fairy, the Winter Princess aka Snegourotchka as well as Elf in Chief, Postal Elf, Chinese Kid1, Canadian Kid (puppets)

State: Annually running on Christmas Eve

Creators: Book by Samantha Grassian-Pichler and Laisne Martine/ Directed by Samantha Grassian-Pichler

Featuring: Samantha Grassian-Pichler, Lisa Monde, Nathalie Bryant, Sara Jecko

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