2 December, 2018 The Christmas Carol with Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company

At the beginning of December Lisa returns as Mrs Cratchit/ Mrs Hatley/ Isabelle/ the Maid in The Christmas Carol with Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company. This time – the classic and beloved story has a new twist to it – it is a murder mystery! The spectators will have to help our cast figure out – Who Killed Jacob Marley?

Don’t miss this beautiful Christmas show! And get yourself in holiday spirits…!

Starting December 9th at the
Edison Valley Playhouse in Edison NJ

14 October, 2018 Dracula. Finding of a Shadow

“Dracula.Finding of a Shadow” premieres this Halloween week at the Wow Cafe Theater in East Village!
When Dracula became a vampire, he lost his shadow, which became the living Alucard. Now, Dracula’s greatest desire is for a new shadow, but Alucard will do everything in his power to stop his master, even if it means true death…
Come get yourself into Halloween mood!
October 25-36 at 8pm/ October 27 at 6pm & 9pm/ October 28-31 at 8pm
Wow Cafe Theatre 59-61 E 4th Str #4
Reserve tickets at

14 September, 2018 Rubicon Crossed

Once again, Lisa is back at the Manhattan Repertory Theater. This time Lisa directs a wonderful but very tragic drama by Christopher Arena “Rubicon Crossed” which is to premiere on September 22nd as part of the Fall One Act Competition. The author, Christopher Arena, writes: ” Award winning actors, Ivette Dumeng and Nicolas DiPierro, along with director, Lisa Monde have been so gentle and caring with these two damaged characters I wrote that I was almost moved to tears”.

9 April, 2018 The Most Dangerous Man

Lisa Monde is shooting her first feature film – The Most Dangerous Man UVX! Future Proof Productions has offered Lisa a part of Agent Kompromat – Russian special agent and spy.
The year: CLASSIFIED. Sgt. Max Gunn. retired leader of a black-ops commando unit, is reinstated to lead a team of elite specialists deep behind the Iron Curtain in order to track down his mentor and traitor to America, John Lyman. Gunn and his team: special agent Kompromat, Gunn’s War Buddy – Country Road and PVT Jenkins find more than they bargained for – an insidious web of secrets and lies leading to a threat not just to the USA, but the entire world.

9 February, 2018 In the Land of Moonstones

Eclaire Soon Productions and filmmaker Nicola Rose is shooting a new short film about Russian immigrants, first love, first loss and blue skies. Lisa Monde performs the famous Russian song about The Little Prince, as a singer – Veronica, in this short film with a romantic name – In the Land of Moonstones. Watch out for the links and videos!

15 December, 2017 The Christmas Carol

Lisa continues her collaboration with Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company. It is holiday season and Christmas is right around the corner! And what is the most popular, loved and classic Christmas story of all times? Indeed, it is the Christmas Carol!

Come and raise your Christmas spirits…in every sense of those words… with Lisa, playing Mrs Hatley/ Mrs Cratchit/ Isabelle/ Maid and the cast!

December 15-24 at the famous Braddock’s Tavern in Medford, NJ

15 November, 2017 In the Land of Moonstones…

In the Land of Moonstones… What a captivating and magical name for a short feature film that is. Lisa is very excited to join her fellow actress and director – Nicola Rose McEldowney in her new creation! A touching story adapted from a French book – about a girl, her first love, and her friendship with her grandmother – russian immigrant. Lisa will be playing Veronika – a singer at a house party. The time has come to sing the beautiful song about – The Little Prince again. More news to come!

15 September, 2017

Exciting news! Lisa is joining the official cast of Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company, known in the tri-state area for it’s popular murder mysteries and traveling shows. This Halloween Lisa will be appearing in Franken Murder as the flirty but murderous Maid Hildegarde Bustenhaulter!

Turn on the electrodes, raise the platform and throw the switch! A storm is brewing and you don’t want to miss this hilarious adaptation of Mary Shelly’s classic tale! Join Doctor Frankenstein and Igor as they “dig up” clues in this horror themed murder mystery. But don’t worry, we promise it won’t cost you “morgue” then an arm or a leg! So grab your jumper cables, a shovel, and any “body” you can because it’s ALIVE! The forecast? Rain, lightning and the 100% chance of chuckles! So be warned, FrankenMurder will tickle your funny bone and keep you in stitches but don’t worry— in the end you’ll live happily ever cadaver!

Coming to Milford, Pennsylvania on October 25,26 and 28 2017…

31 August, 2017 Haunted USA

Today Lisa joins the cast of the Travel Channel’s popular series Haunted USA. For an Episode called “Savannah”. She will be playing a brokenhearted ghost of Matilda Sorrel, who once she discovers her husband’s unfaithfulness, decides to jump out of a window and haunt him for the rest of his life and possibly after-life…

Watch Lisa in October, right before Halloween, appear on Travel Channel!