Saint Francis: Religion of Love. An Original Drama in Two Acts with an Epilogue(2022, Christian Faith Publishing, USA)

Saint Francis: Religion of Love is a historical drama by Lisa Monde based on the historical facts and hagiographies. This is a story about the life and coming into the holy being of Saint Francis of Assisi, how he turned from a regular layman into a devoted son and servant of God, and began preaching the religion of love.

Love towards people, birds, animals, flowers, every living being; self-restraint and being content with the little things—those are the core propagations of Saint Francis, who also strove for the purity of intentions and always found it in his heart to help the destitute ones.

The admonition of Saint Francis of Assisi attracted many contemporaries, and Catholics in general, throughout centuries. People, having seen a movie or read a book about Francis, having been to a Catholic church and come across the holy images and monuments of Saint Francis of Assisi, become his followers and admire his sacrificial way. It is quite interesting that there are always birds sitting on his statues and flowers, scattered at his feet. So even after the end of his earthly existence, the saint has given us the gift of all-embracing and infinite love.

Saint Francis of Assisi proclaimed Christianity to the world as the religion of love, freedom, and creation in the name of the Holy Spirit. His life was a perfect example of simplicity, patience, and humility for all of us. His teachings and testament are extremely relevant nowadays.

In the epilogue, the author gives us a fresh look at the argument of the three popes who have met Saint Francis, studied his will, and accepted his rule and admonition; who have canonized him and even chosen the name in memory of Saint Francis of Assisi, the defender of the poor and the champion of justice.

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